How to Make Travel Easier on Employees

When you’re a business leader or a travel manager and you have team members who travel, you want to make things as easy as possible for them. There are different reasons for this. First, you want them to have a sense of job satisfaction, even when they’re often on the road. This will create a sense of engagement and improve productivity.

The more your business travelers feel like they’re efficient and able to do their job without a lot of obstacles and frustrations, the more they’re going to get done. It’s going to provide a better ROI for the company, and it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The following are some specific things businesses and travel managers can do to make sure they’re paving the way for a seamless travel experience for employees.

Make Expense Management Simpler

If you ask many employees what their least favorite parts of traveling for work is, their responses are often expense reports, approvals, reimbursements and everything else that goes along with expense management. Eliminate this headache for traveling employees and finance teams by implementing modern business expense management software.

Employees can track everything quickly and easily on-the-go, and they don’t have to worry about waiting for approvals or reimbursements. Plus, using this kind of software provides more visibility for the finance and accounting teams to keep costs under control.

Provide Flexibility

If you ask most employees who frequently travel what they enjoy most about their company’s programs, it’s often the flexibility they provide. Travel managers are still somewhat hesitant to provide flexibility in areas such as booking accommodations and plane tickets. They should be more willing to embrace flexibility, however.

There are ways to maintain control over the essentials like spending, without completely controlling the employees’ travel experience.

Consider Health and Wellness

It’s fairly easy for employees who frequently travel to feel stressed and that can take a toll on their physical health and wellness. Consider this when creating policies and travel plans for employees.

Some ways to make this happen include allowing employees to combine leisure with work on their trips whenever possible, or allowing them to have an extra night in their hotel so they can rest after working and before heading home. It can be helpful to offer little extras such as reimbursements for exercise and fitness classes while employees are away as well.

Make Air Travel More Pleasant

Finally, in surveys, many people say one of the biggest stressors they face when traveling for work is air travel. There are things like delays and long lines, as well as airlines that are continuously downsizing economy offerings. If at all possible, employers should work to make air travel more pleasant for employees. This could include letting them book upgraded seats, or reimbursing them for programs that will let them skip some of the lines at security.

Another option is to pay for membership to airport lounges around the globe. These lounges allow employees to have a quiet place to relax, unwind, have a meal, or just take a quick break between flights.