How To Keep Your Staff On Top Of Their Work In A Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping is quite a specific way of doing business. It is, first and foremost, an online business that you can do from home. As it is still a kind of a retail enterprise, you will need to communicate with other people. You will cooperate and work with others, at some point you might want to employ additional staff or partner up with someone. The bottom line is – you will be dealing with people.

Why is that so?

Business-staffWhat I want to focus the most are the people that work with you or for you. These are your employees and partners. You will be responsible for hiring, negotiating and paying them, keeping the happy and motivated. In the end – the way you communicate with them will impact the way your business is growing.


Chances are, you won’t be needing many of people for this business. For that reason, you should make sure that the selected few are, indeed, selected. Drop shipping is a narrow field of expertise, and it requires some knowledge if you want to success. In that sense, your employees need to be qualified and ready to work when you hire them. They might be your consultants, bookkeepers or legal personnel and you will want them to know their job. Organize job interviews and have a clear idea of what you are looking for.


Staff-motivationThis part might not be as tangible as you might want it to be, but it is fairly simple. Motivated workers are good employees, and there is no way around that. Make sure you know and understand the needs and desires of your workers. Work on making them happy, and they will work on making your company grow.


A motivated employee is still an employee. If your worker feels like a cog, he will perform like one. And it’s a bad thing. Including your staff in your drop shipping business can be a good tactic. Since the teams working here are usually smaller and more intimate, the information comes across very fast. Most data is transparent and available to everyone. In such an environment it is possible to motivate people by setting out bonuses based on sales.

If your partner is personally motivated to find more distributors, your sales will grow. Such employee is now bringing you more revenue while being happier about it.


Every good brand has a robust and memorable statement to make. I made my company because I wanted to be truly free and I offer that to all of my associates. This way, I share my personal happiness with others and motivate them to excel in their work. Now my workers are motivated, happy and eager to work their best every day.