Have You Heard About Drop Shipping? Here Are The Basics

I learned about this thing called drop shipping when I was in Thailand. I was traveling through the Asia and stayed there for a month, teaching scuba diving to replenish my travel resources. That is how I met a client that changed my life and introduced me to the world of drop shipping.

In essence, it is a brilliant way to get started in the retail business without a significant starting investment. You can start your business online, selling hundreds of products without the struggles that usually follows. With drop shipping, you don’t need the storage facilities for all the selling items. There are no stores or complicated logistics that go along with starting a sales business.

You don’t sell physical product

Drop-shippingYou will be selling products that you don’t physically own in your warehouse. How, you might ask? Simply! All you need to do is to partner up with a wholesale supplier selling an item, commodity or product. They will do all the heavy lifting and store your goods. They will even send it out for you. All you need to do is to communicate with the buyers and your partners holding the assets.

I don’t want to make this sound overly simple, but it is a lot easier than the conventional sales method. The incredible beauty of drop shipping is the number of steps you cut down on. It is very convenient, easy and fast. With a good idea and sound business strategy,  your chances of success are much higher. Especially when you don’t need to worry about storage, transport, security and many other things.

No office, no storage – you are free but connected to the Internet

Drop-shipping-businessBut, I digress. I started this story by telling you how I loved traveling. So, how does it connect to the drop shipping? Also, easy! If you choose to do business this way, you will gain something that was so important to me: freedom. Not having to worry about the offices or the storage spaces means that you are free to go anywhere you want to. If there is an internet connection in the area – it can be an office. I found this very stimulating, and it motivated me to go on forward with my plan.

As my only real obligation was to get the wholesale trader and then transfer the needed information for the order – my laptop became my company. And that was what I was after all along. With no real limits to the number of sales I can conduct, the only thing holding me down was my desire to work more or less. With drop shipping, I control my workflow, volume, and tempo. And that, for me, is a definition of the perfect job.