Jacob Miller

Hi! My name’s Jacob! In 2016 I quit my job to travel the world and ended up living in Thailand. I started off my digital nomad journey by teaching scuba diving and english but quickly realised that the real money is in drop shipping… Follow my journey as I try to make money online by identifying new products to sell on Amazon.

A Little Bit About Me

Ever since I was able to understand the world around me – I wanted to travel. I wished to explore and expand my horizons. Since just traveling is not something people usually do, I found a job after college and settled. For a while, everything was working out, and the life was great. Then, in 2016. I decided to quit my job and spend some time traveling around the globe.

In my travels, I s realized some fundamental truths about the world and myself. One of the main realizations was the fact that I wanted to work on my own terms, without ties to companies, places or even offices.